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What are the opening and closing times?

The opening and closing hours vary depending on the period. We invite you to consult our calendar to know them.

How much is admission ?

The price differs if you want to enjoy sakana island There is also a child and adult rate. The park is free for children under 1 year old. You can consult all the tariffs by clicking HERE

Can we leave a suitcase important enough to the deposit?

Yes, you have at your disposal a deposit at the reception, at the entrance of the site.

Can I enter the site with my dog?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside sakana island, except guide dogs for the visually impaired.

I dropped my kids at Wata Mami to go to Sakana Island, how to look for them?

You can entrust the children to the reception and fill out a form of information and tell us the time when you get them. An hostess will take care of being at mami wata just the entrance.

From what age can my child come alone to Sakana?

We do not recommend access to the site for unaccompanied minors; however, we accept them from the age of 13 under parental responsibility.

I have a child ticket that I want to use for an adult. How to do ?

At the check-in counters, you have the possibility to pay a supplement of the amount indicated on the child ticket.

We are a band, but we prefer individual tickets, is it possible?

You have the possibility to buy group tickets from 15 tickets. To send your tickets, you must pay the order at least two weeks in advance.

How many restaurants are there on the site?

Gourmands and gourmets have the advantage of choice! There are two restaurants on the site and a sweet / salty food truck.

If it’s raining, are the attractions still open?

In case of very heavy rain or storm, it happens that, for your safety, we are obliged to temporarily stop our attractions (be careful there is no refund due to weather).

I lost an object during my visit, who should I contact?

Please contact the reception at the end of your visit, otherwise contact the reception service which deals with lost property at +242 06 848 67 51

If I lose my child on the site, who should I contact?

Any child found is taken to the reception. To avoid this kind of problem do not hesitate to tell him a meeting point which you will have agreed together.

I have a question but I can not find an answer in this section …

Contact us by contact@sakanaisland.com or by phone at +242 06 848 67 51